Crab Grab

Punch Mitt

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    • Crab Grab
    Designed with  Scott Stevens , this padded, all-around, mid-weight mitt is built... mehr
    Punch Mitt

    Designed with Scott Stevens, this padded, all-around, mid-weight mitt is built to keep you comfortable no matter what the weather hits you with.


    This is a mid-weight all-around, "do anything" mitten.


    • PrimaLoft® Insulation
    • Hand Sandwich Construction™
    • Micro Fuzz™ Liner
    • Waterproof, breathable 15K Hipora® membrane
    • Double layer shell + DWR coating
    • Closed cell waterproof palms
    • Crunch Grip Thumbs
    • PrimaLoft® Grip-Control palm insulation
    • Bulletproof Palms™
    • Rugged Ripstop shell
    • Reinforced Finger Cap
    • Snug-Cuff™ closure
    • Punch Pad™ for extra protection
    • Stretchy Wrist Leashes
    • Micro Buckle Connector Clips

    Soft Flocked Suede Thumb-back (nose wipe)

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    Hersteller: Crab Grab
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